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The larger of Apple's MacBook Air laptops featuring dual microphones and 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity.

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Screen turn translucent blue (like I was highlighting in word)

My screen will turn translucent light blue as if I was highlighting a sentence in word, only it is the entire screen. I can "turn on or off" this behavior by moving the lid slightly. Prior to this starting up I had occasional (and not predictable) horizontal white lines that I could cause by touching the bezel around the screen in random places or moving the lid slightly. I am thinking maybe a loose connection? Or?

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Yes, first you should check the cable connecting the motherboard and the monitor.

Just google Your Laptop Model Name + Disassembly

If unluckily it's not the cable, you may need to buy a new monitor.

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Hopefully just a loose cable and not a broken one (or worse). Thanks. I will now google and see how it is connected.


What's your laptop model code. I can help find out the codes of those monitor parts for you, enabling you for a easier and faster replacement.


Ken it is A1466. If they made the type any smaller I'd need an electron microscope to read it LOL. Thanks for your offer. I did watch a video on replacing the cable. Looks easy except for the bezel part. What I might try first (after buying the right tools) is take the bottom off the computer and see if that end of the cord is seated well. If I am very, very lucky maybe that will be the problem. If not, well... that will suck as anything else will be harder/more expensive.


Sandliz please check this out,

Although it's in Chinese, those A1466 screen parts were legit and cheap enough.


FYI, you can just buy a screen or a whole upper screen part, from RMB$300 to RMB$1400 depends on.

And here is the cable ~RMB$45 (US$7)



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