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new ignition switch but wont come on

I just got a new ignition switch but when I turn the key it wont turn the engine on. The starer is going but it just doesnt switch over to start the car. is there a step that I missed?

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Please tell us more about the history. Why did you replace the ignition switch? Please be specific about the problems you were experiencing prior to replacing the ignition switch.


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Don't forget about this guide! There are 5 (five) wires going to the ignition switch.

As it should be, I found that guide right here on ifixit dot com.

I hope this solves your problem.


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You are catching all the mistakes today aren't you. I'm still wondering if the switch is the problem.


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Re-check your wiring. There should be three wires going to your ignition switch. One is ground, one runs the starter, and one is for power on in the run position. If your starter is running, but the car turns off when you release the key, it sounds like your power on wire is not connected or otherwise not functioning correctly.

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+ that sounds about right :-)


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