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Apple iPad de primeira geração com Wi-Fi, disponível com 16, 32 ou 64 GB. Modelo número A1219. Os reparos são simples e não exigem aquecimento.

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Attempting to fix color abnormalities caused screen to black out

After falling face-first off of a ~2ft high surface onto the ground, my iPad’s display gained a strange red tinge-anything black appeared streaky and red, and things that were white became a light shade of blue. I found the fix here: Display screen colors distorted and followed the advice. I smacked the iPad on the back with medium strength around ten times near the top-left corner. Nothing changed. I did it again, this time a bit harder. Nothing changed. I did it again, this time even harder, and the iPad’s screen went black—not black as in off, still emitting light, just like I was looking at a fullscreen picture of black.

The touchscreen still seems to work, as I was able to estimate the position of the shutdown slider and turn the iPad off (to where the black screen became actually black, displaying no light whatsoever). I kept it like this for a few hours and turned it back on this morning, and the screen displayed the brightness it usually does while it’s starting up before reverting to a dimmer brightness (presumably on the lockscreen) that would fade to pure black after a few seconds of inactivity, like the screen usually does.


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Thanks. I guess I’ll try to open it up.


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Generally speaking, slapping and tapping delicate electronics is not a good idea, even when it appears to work. The problem is one of escalation, as you saw with your iPad. Once you start hitting harder and harder to get the same result, it will eventually lead to failure.

The real solution is to open the device and properly secure the connector but iPads are a pain to open so everyone tries the smacking routine.

In your case, you either made the connection worse or simply damaged the LCD. You will have to open the device, check the connection and if that doesn't work, consider replacing the LCD.

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