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The 2013 revamp of the desktop Mac series known as the Mac Pro.

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No serial number under About This Mac post swapping the CPU.

Late 2013 MacPro with CPU, RAM, and SSD upgrades. Not my main machine. Just realized that the serial number does not show up. Other than this, the machine runs perfectly. Apple Store offered to replace the logic board in order to be able to use their serialization tool. The logic board is the original and is otherwise fine. Any ideas on how to flash the board to reset the serial number? Or how to get the tool? Thanks.

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I'd say take it into a Apple Authorized Service Provider and have them run AST on it. It should, if the serial number hasn't been set, prompt them to serialize the unit. Otherwise, you're likely looking at having to get your hands on the serializer tool. You'd want to locate Blank Board Serializer v 1.1.1 .

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Thanks so much for the response rholcomb3! Can find Blank Board Serializer v 1.1, but not 1.1.1. All of the posts I've read over the last couple of days state that the 2013 Mac Pro can't be re-serialized with what is on the web. Given the prolonged model run, am sure someone has done this. If you have a link to v1.1.1, feel free to point me there. Am a bit hesitant to try to fix this until someone more competent has posted a working solution.


...more competent than me that is.


as I know if serial no is visible - cannot be put again (different)

P.S. To find out if everything ok with serial - try to send iMessage from it - I could not do this having NO SERIAL no in my iMac 2012 - when serialized it - automatically fixed


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