Will these cheap $1-3 phone screen assemblies actually work?

My iphone screen broke and i cant text my girlfriend so as long as it works i dont care about the quality, like bad colors or dull brightness. Has anyone ever tried anything like this? should i just shoot and go with it?



any kind of input is appretiated

update: if these are scams, my budget is a little over 5 bucks. can i do anything with that?

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When you see inexpensive stuff on Amazon or eBay, you are generally seeing bottom-of-the-barrel parts. These are the parts that pretty much every other major vendor has refused. Vendors do random checks of available lots and if the defect rate is higher than they'd like to see, they will pass on the lot. It doesn't mean they are all bad though and doesn't mean there aren't any good parts in those lots.

So yes, you could save money by buying this screen. If you have a tight budget or don't want to spend too much on an old phone, by all means order those parts. But there is a very real probability that you will receive a crap part and if you do, you may have a hard time getting an exchange or refund.

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Minho's answer is right on. It practically applies to everything you buy.

''''should i just shoot and go with it?

Cm'on Cameron... Would some shyster take your fin ?

Forget the TEXT, CALL her up & ask her out for a couple of cold sodas. (There went your 5bucks).

You both can discuss the broken I-phone-thing.

My answer is NO, $5 will not fix any problem on an iPhone.

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Generally I wouldn’t recommend buying a full assembly under $25. If that’s your budget, then the few bucks for it is worth a shot. Please note that most times when you find something cheap like that, it’s a knock off part.

Hope this helps.

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