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Huawei’s first smartphone with the new Kirin 970 chip. Released November 2017.

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Water damage, black screen, phone still on! Won't turn off!

I used my apparent water resistant phone in the pool and now the screen of my phone is black, my phone is on, and unable to be turned off, the screen is black and every so often the phone vibrates as if a notification has come through or as if the phone is being used.

Please help!!! I'm furious this has happened as I did all the research about the water resistance of this phone and only used it to its abilities.

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Which phone is it? The only thing you can do with a blank screen is try a hard reset (search for how to do that on your phone). Check your warranty for what the conditions are for you to have it repaired or replaced and also for what level of water resistance it actually offers. If you were within the limits it should be no problem. Basically whatever happens it will need to be examined for water damage by a repair technician to find out what parts have been affected. To be quite honest I'd never trust phones + water no matter what the advertising says!

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You are not supposed to use "water resistant" phones in the pool. Or the shower. Or the beach. They are just rated to be safe in case you drop them in the water by accident, not on purpose. So if you spill a drink on it, it'll be fine. If you're taking a bath with it or literally using it in the pool, it won't be fine.

Your own fault. The manufacturer will not take in charge the device. And don't worry, other manufacturers won't fix their own "water resistant" devices if there's water damage, warranty or not.

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