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Doesn’t turn on

Hi so I have a iPhone 6S, that recently got into a boot loop, and now it doesn’t even turn on. I tried doing a hard reset, replacing the battery, and when I plug it into iTunes it tells me to restore, and after clicking ok, the restoration process begins but it always stops and gives me error 15. I appreciate any help. Thanks.

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You sure it's error 15? I can't find any info on that (1015 however means your phone is jailbroken and permanently bricked)


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I've worked on hours on iphones that have boot up issues and some can be cleared by connecting to iTunes and some can't. Its a software glitch that can't be repaired no mater if the battery is replaced screen or anthing else. At that time its time to replace the phone.

If you tried going into Recovery Mode the last resort is DFU Mode: I have attached an artctle that explains and also helps you to do that just click on the link.

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