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1.8GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 (Turbo Boost up to 2.8GHz) with 3MB shared L3 cache

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Won't Charge: is it battery, I/O board, or battery connection?

Hey All, I would like to thank anyone reading this post right at the start

Laptop is Air A1466 EMC 2779, mid 2012 version with i7, 8GB ram


-Battery holds no charge, laptop is incredibly slow, turns off a couple seconds after disconnecting AC adapter

-pmset -g batt returns 'Drawing from 'Battery Power'; InternalBatter-0 (removed)' even while plugged in

-Menu bar has battery with X in it, lists 'Condition:Normal; No Batteries Available; Power source: Battery'

-AC adapter is new, shows green light during operation, orange light when in recovery mode (but never actually charges the battery)

-coconutBattery returns NaN for all fields, System Information does not list a cycle count, but its safe to say the cycle count is a few hundred

-I ran extended hardware diagnostic and it returned 'No trouble found' after 2 separate passes

-The laptop refuses to switch to AC power

What's Been Tried

-SMC and PRAM have both been reset more than once, making sure to give it extra time to reset

-Mountain Lion was reinstalled fresh yesterday, and I can't update to High Sierra because an error reads "Your computer is not connected to a power source." Of course, it is plugged in.

What I was going to try next

At this point I called apple support and they said its most likely a shot battery. I'm inclined to agree, but the part that makes me doubt its the battery is the fact the menu bar lists Condition: Normal, and that the pmset command always says its drawing power from the battery, even when plugged in. I can't seem to get it to draw from AC. I'm about to buy a battery off Aliexpress, but I don't want to drop $50 and wait 3 weeks before getting a second opinion from other DIY experts like yourselves. I need some screwdrivers to properly check out the internals and I can't confirm there hasn't been water damage to the board.

At this point I'm considering buying the battery as it will most likely need replacing even if its not the primary fault, and the screwdrivers that come with it will be needed. Does anyone has any advice to try and troubleshoot the I/O or Logic board for defects or AC connector, or is it safe to assume the diagnostic would have picked that up? I picked this baby up for $40 and am beginning the journey of turning it into a Mac/Linux/Window tri-boot travel laptop, once I get it running faster than a Commador64 that is.

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Well, if you think it's an I/O problem, you could try using a different adapter/charger, as I've had this with my Dell Laptop aswell (Saying it's not connected), also check if there's no damage in the I/O port or dust in it.

If it still doesn't help you should replace the battery. iFixIt does offer certain Fix Kits for the Macbook which you could take a look at, as they'll assure you you'll get the right tools and hardware for this.


Lets see a bit deeper here using this app tool: CoconutBattery. Paste a screenshot of the main window so we can see it as well Adding images to an existing question


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I would like to thank LenaFox and Dan for their responses, I apologize for not noticing them. In response to Dan's enquiry about coconutBattery results, the app shows NaN in many fields and 0 or 'none' in most others, it was really quite disconcerting. I would post a screenshot, but after replacing the battery the macbook works like its brand new! As occum's razor would suggest, it really just was underclocking the CPU since it was registering a faulty battery. Hopefully these symptoms and result help someone in the future, if my $50 Aliexpress battery explodes in my lap I shall post a warning on here, but so far so good!

Keep on keepin' on, iFitit community!

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