Unable to get into my own phone after update.

Hey all. I am hoping someone can tell me either what to do, or how to get out of this mess. So I bought this Iphone 7plus from a posting on craigs list. I am very aware of people trying to sell stolen phones and phones where they owe money. I lucked out and found this phone from an older gentleman who had just bought the X and wanted to sell his 7+. So after i verified the phone was completely legit, I bought it from him. I used the phone for about 2 months then in middle of March, it did an ios update. when the phone came back on, it looks like it took everything to do with me, out of the phone, has the original phone owner info up, has his email address and wants his password. I have tried literally everything I can think of to try to get out of this loop. But because I do not know the mans password or entire email acct that the phone thinks is the owner still... I cannot use the phone at all. I am not the most tech savvy person in the world. I just want my phone back. It is now locked, and I cannot do anything until i put in the previous owners password. I have tried and tried to find this man, even had taken out several adds on craigslist trying to reach him. Short of actually ever accomplishing that... What options do i have now? is the phone just totally unusable now? I paid 400 bucks for this phone to only get 2 months of usage. I sincerely hope someone has a solution for me that can get me out of this icloud lock. Has this happened to anyone else after an IOS update? Does anyone know who i could contact to get me my phone back? Is it even possible to wipe the phone completely and get the previous owners info out of my phone forever so this never happens again? Please someone help!

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To my knowledge updating the phone will ask you to set up the ICloud again with the same login. You should be able to "set up later" and have access to the phone. However, if you ended up doing a restore and update on the phone it will cause it to trigger the ICloud lock.

I would contact the individual again and request for his account information in order to unlock it. If he is not so kind to assist you may be out of luck.

Apple typically only releases the lock with proof of purchase (receipt).

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When you purchased the phone, there are 4 places you should check to make sure all accounts are cleared.

a) Settings --> should not have had the old owners name at the top

b) Settings --> Accounts & Passwords

c) Settings --> iTunes and App Store

d) Settings --> Wallet and Apple pay

After checking these 4 locations, you should, in front of the owner have performed a Settings --> General --> Reset --> Erase all contents and settings to see if iCloud comes up.

Unfortunately, if the phone is iCloud locked, there is no way out of it. Unless you have original sales receipt, you may be able to take it to Apple and they would remove it.

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you should remember to saved the man phone number or adress when you bought the phone , to find him and take password ,

but , you didn't know what will happend for your phone .

anyway , you can just replace the phone main board to can unlock it , because not the man is accessable , and not the apple co accept to unlock your icloud.

so , if you cant find the man , deside about the second way ...

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