How to fix a broken scrollweel

After my mouse fell down I couldn't scroll any more.

The mouse is a Logitech RX 1500 and the wheel can be locked, mechanism still works fine. Also pushing the wheel left and right works. Spinning it doesn't.

The wheel works optical, so maybe the light emitter or the sensor are broken? When I plug it, I don't see any light, but it's probably IR or very very weak?

Also I'm noticing a small thin vertical metal pole next to the wheel which doesn't touch anything except for the screw that it's fixed with. Is that all right?

How can I analyse the problem more, and what's the deal with that pole?

Maybe somebody could open their working mouse and verify? (:

Thanks very much!

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You can check if the light-emitter is IR if you open your camera app on your phone and look trough the viewfinder. As for the pole, I'm clueless.


Thanks for the tip. I did that, but I don't see anything from the emitter. Either it's not IR or broken, I guess.


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