Issues with my Note 4. Hoping for help.

So, I have owned my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 for several years and have never had any problems with it. Recently however I have been having a variety of issues with it, and although I have been trying to troubleshoot it myself with varying degrees of success, the issues have persisted. I have tried to document the issues I have been having as much as possible. Here is the breakdown of them.

First, my phone died as a result of low battery. I plugged it in for a bit, then turned it back on, and it brought up a screen that said "Downloading... do not turn off target". In the upper left corner it said.

So I looked it up and found a video that said to hold down the menu, volume down, and power buttons to restart it. I did this and although it shut down, it wouldn't reboot.

I popped the battery out and back in and then it rebooted and went back to the same screen.

I did the same thing, only this time, even after popping the battery out, the phone wouldn't start.

So then I tried something else I read, and removed the sd card, sim card, and battery for about 20 seconds and then tried to turn it back on. It booted and went to the samsung splash screen where it stayed for about a minute, then it turned off again.

During this time, plugging it in would not turn on the charging light at all.

I tried removing the battery and switching it out for the battery from my moms Samsung Galaxy Note 4, and that time it took a long time but eventually rebooted fully.

I checked it out and everything seemed fine. Then when I plugged it in to a usb cable plugged into my computer, the screen turned off and it went non responsive. Then when I unplugged it the phone went black. I pulled the battery to restart it and it seemed fine again, until it went to an unresponsive black screen.

I then pulled the sim card and sd cad and did a full factory reset. After that I put the cards back in and the phone booted fine. I reinstalled everything.

Over the next few weeks I have experience the following issues. I had to pull the battery and cards and let the phone sit to get it to re boot many times when it would go to the black screen. Usually it would do this when it would turn off the screen and go into lock screen mode, but sometimes not. The phone was also acting normal at some points and extremely laggy at others, regardless of what application I was using.

Then when it went to the Black Screen one time, so I did the holding down the power button for 1 minute, then 2 minutes, then 3 minutes thing, while having the cards and the battery pulled. When I tried to boot it, it went back to the "downloading do not turn off target" screen. I held the menu button, power button, and volume down to get it to turn off. Then it wouldn't turn back on again. So I pulled the battery and the sim card and let it sit for 20 minutes. Then I put it back together and it rebooted just fine.

Later my phone randomly restarted itself after unplugging it from a charger.

Then later the phone randomly restarted itself while it was in my pocket.

Phone shut down even though it had 43% power.

Phone was black screened but the blue light in upper left corner was blinking. It would not wake up. Popped out battery and sim card, held down power button for one minute. Put them back in. Phone would not start. Plugged it in. Phone would not charge. Put in another battery. Phone would not start. Tried out my third and original battery from the beginning of this process, and it booted up with it.

Since then I have run into all of the previous issues a few times. I've had to use the pop out sim card/sd card/battery, wait 30s and then replace and reboot multiple times a day. Sometimes even this wouldn't make it reboot again though and I have had to let it sit for hours while I slept and it would reboot in the morning. I have also run into the "Downloading... do not turn off target" problem several times as well as the phone randomly restarting itself a few times.

I really don't have the money to replace my phone right now but I need it back in functioning order again. I tried talking to Sprint online chat support but they couldn't fix it. I tried to make an appointment in store to get it checked out, but since I don't have insurance on the phone, they wouldn't even look at it. I tried contacting samsung directly but just got an unhelpful automated response. I even tried sending a message to thedroidguy, but got no response. So now i am just posting this anywhere I can find in the hope that someone might have suggestions on something I haven't tried yet. If anyone who reads this can help, I would be extremely grateful for any assistance you can render.

As a last resort, if anyone has any information on where I might be able to buy another Samsung Galaxy Note 4, and get a discount for trading in my current one, which is exceptional condition in all ways except for the technical issues I have described here, that would also be helpful.

Thank you in advance for any assistance.

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Hold on, can you double check if you mistyped something?

SM-G900P is not a Note 4. That is the model number for a Sprint Galaxy S5!


Ahh ignore that part. I had to copy the error text from someone elses post when I originally made a document trying to detail the errors, as I had already moved past that screen in the debugging process by the time I started documenting it. So the error text may not be completely correct. Thank you for pointing that out though. If that screen pops up again I will make sure to write down the text exactly as it appears on the screen. My phone is definitely a Note 4 though, 100% for sure. As a matter of fact, Im going to delete that section from the post just in case it is actually misleading information beyond the inaccuracy of the model number.


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