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Is there a way of recovering old texts after a factory reset?

I was the owner of this Samsung Galaxy S4 in 2016. I had it for a while then I factory reset it and gave it to my aunt so she could use. She used it for a year, then got a new phone and gave me back the Samsung Galaxy S4 recently.

So now I have my Samsung Galaxy S4 and was wondering, is there a way I could recover all the text messages I had when the phone use to be mine? I tried using Dr Fone but it only recovered my aunts text messages.

Thank you in advance.

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If you did not back up the device with any app or software that runs off of an online server, unfortunately the messages are gone. Restoring from a backup with a Google account that was on the phone when you used it is possible only if you let Google back your text messages. Other than that, there is not really much you can do.

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