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Gateway makes quality notebooks, laptops, and netbooks. Owned by Acer Group.

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So SSD upgrade in gateway.

Some reason my last post was deleted.

I’ve got a crucial mx500 500GB SSD for my grandpas gateway NV55C laptop. I’ve also upgraded the CPU to a i5 and ram to 8GB. I am running into some problems transferring the old files to the new SSD. On the old drive I click my user and it says “administration permissions” and if I click continue it goes but then stops at the end.

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Try doing it while having the computer booted in safe mode.

Use advanced startup options to boot safe mode:

This may also help you too:

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Better yet, if you are comfortable with Linux, use the live USB of sysreccd or Ubuntu.

Use the command 'rsync -rv --progress <source> <destination>'

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I think I’ve got it now. It finally opened it up! Last night I started the transfer and I’m going to check it soon. If it transferred correctly all 64GB should be transferred. That’s all I need to do.

I did a clean install of Windows 10 because it had windows 7 and the updates were going crazy.


If you transferred into an account folder (i.e. user\documents), and not a root folder, you will likely have a permissions problem, and not see the files on the new computer.


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