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The Sansa Clip+ is a music player by SanDisk that was released in 2009.

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Sansa Clip Plus unable to add files/delete files and unable to mount.

I had my sansa clip for 2 years and i think the flash memory has gone bad.Any ideas?

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Hi @my64pro ,

Try resetting the player to at least see if it can be recognized by a computer:

Here's how to do it:

1. Press and hold the Power/Menu button for approximately 20 seconds.

2. Release the Power/Menu button.

3. Press the Power/Menu button again to turn on the player.

If it is still not being recognized by a computer, try disconnecting / reconnecting the battery for a short while to see if this 'resets' the player.

Here is a link that may be of some help in gaining access to the battery

Repairing Loose Headphone Jack

If it is now recognized by a computer, by using either method above, and you still cannot add or delete files, see if you can at least copy your stored data from the player.

If you cannot copy any data, try reinstalling or updating the firmware to see if the you now can add / delete files. If you can then unfortunately most probably the update would have erased all your earlier stored data.

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Well i kinda do not have a soldering iron and rockbox firmware is also installed


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