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The current line of iPod touch comprises seven (7) different generations.

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dropped ipod touch in water

is my ipod touch repairable after being dropped in water?

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Hopefully, if you follow these instructions:

1) DON'T TURN IT ON@!!!!!

2) Leave it overnight in a bag of uncooked rice

3) attempt to turn it on (some people say open it up first, but if you break something you might have ruined it even if it was okay)

4) if it does not turn on, open it up and see if you have any obvious damage there.

Quite often people end up with a non-backlit screen, unfortunately, this usually means a bad logic board.

Also I do suggest you search in these forums strings such as "water damage" and such, and you can find tips/suggestions as for what else to do.

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Yes, as rab777hp said, search the forums. There have been many questions and answers about 'water damage'.


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As rab777hp had said before not turning it on is very important for a device that has recently been under water, or splashed by it.

If you want an alternative to his step #2 of putting your electronic in rice you can get the Thirsty Bag which is better than your incredibly edible grocery substitute.

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