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iPhone 7 Plus won't turn on after battery & charging port replacement

I bought this iPhone 7 Plus from eBay that said that the phone was dropped in water and it has refused to turn on ever since. So when I received the item, I place the logic board in isopropyl 91% alcohol and let it evaporate for a couple of days. Then I replaced the charging port and the battery of the phone. However, the phone still doesn't turn on. iTunes doesn't recognize the phone either. What could be the problem?

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it is liquid damaged, placing it in ipa for a few days won't work it needs ultrasonic cleaned and there possibly damaged components

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Hello! Thank you for responding! The logic board shows no corrosion. The water indicator stickers are slightly red which shows that water has entered the phone. But the logic board is clean. Should I still give ultrasonic cleaning a try? If so, which ultrasonic solution do you recommend for me to use?

Thank You so Much!


it might not show corrison to the eye but you cant see under bga chips, ultrasonic might not even get it working there could be a shorted power rail on the board


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