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iPhone 7 unable to restore Error 4013

I bought this phone from a private seller. He told me that the iphone started to continiously reboot after an upgrade ( I don't exactly know which version and don't know if this is true ).

When the phone came to me I realized that it turned on, stayed on for 3- 4 second showing the Apple logo and rebooted.

I plugged the phone in, trying to restore using the DFU mode. ITunes prompted a 4013 error . After that prompt, I succesfully performed an upgrade to the latest version ( 11.2.6 ) , without any error. When ITunes ended, the phone restarted, but the boot loop problem persisted.

Then I succesessfully flashed the phone using 3uTools.

After all these steps, there's no boot loop anymore. It just stops during the boot, asking an Itunes restoring. Every attempt to restore/upgrade using Itunes fails and all I get is a 4013 error. 3uTools isn't working anymore, since, when it tries to prepare the Iphone rebooting it, the phone shows the Itunes image without responding anymore.

The seller told me that the phone has never been opened and no parts in it has never been replaced. I wonder: Can this be true? According to what I see from outside, I'd say yes, but I'll never be scure until I open it.

What do you think the problem is?

What are the next steps to take? Could you please suggest a procedure to follow in order to isolate the problem and understand where it is?

Could the battery cause this?

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There could be a lot of reasons for the iPhone 7 to boot loop. When it follows a screen replacement (or other repair), it could be caused by a bad Front Camera flex. Typically however, we are seeing more and more IP7 having an issue with the Audio IC, similar to what we saw with Touch Disease on the iPhone 6 Plus.

You should listen to this video from Jessa and this one from Jason at STS, they go into a lot of detail regarding this issue. It could be BB or Audio but the info in the video should help you figure out which one.

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Thank you for the answer. I'll watch the video. What about the fact that the boot loop disappeared after the flashing?


I've read several posts where it's stated that NAND problems usually cause 4013 error. Is this my case?


That's more for the iPhone 6. On the iPhone 7, error 4013 is usually baseband or audio IC.


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iTunes Error 4013 of iPhone 7/7 Plus is usually caused by lot of reasons: pseudo soldering , damage of CPU…

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