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SSD compatibility part numbers

Does anyone know the difference in end letter of the SSD with part numbers 655-1837C vs 655-1837D or 655-1816B vs 655-1816A.

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We are talking about the Apple SSD's right? The 655-1837 part number is an Apple proprietary 128 GB PCIe 2.0 x2 interface for the Mid 2013 - Early 2014 11" & 13" MacBook Air's

Give this a read I think you'll find it helpful: The Ultimate Guide to Apple’s Proprietary SSDs

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but what's the difference between the 655-1837"C" vs 655-1837"D" also the 655-1816"B" says it fits the same computer as the 1837's so that's whats confusing me


I believe the letter is the vendor and/or the configuration of the firmware. Apple had at the start used it for the firmware rev.

I wouldn't worry about it as the P/N is the 7 digits or the newer 10 digit


cool, thank you!


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