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Repair and disassembly information for amplifiers in home audio systems.

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Technics SU-V9 recap? few bad caps? what caps to use?

My Technics SU-V9 would run perfectly then when i used it again the relay would not kick in, replaced the thyristors, and noticed one of two of the caps had green fungus on one of their legs.

pre drive board has a few caps as does the main board

Ive used Nichicon PW, Wima for values under 1uf, and Panasonic SU for the one bi-polar? maybe i should have used Nichicon EP?

Pre drive board not sure, the VCC/GND caps. I am thinking low esr over Audiograde caps but fear to change the sound. The V9 was sounding a bit on the bright side so maybe something was wrong with it

The large main capacitors are 18000uf 56v and look fine and flat, not sure to change them or not. If so maybe CDE 380LX or UCC SHM or KMH?

Pre Drive pcb

I would have to the adjustments then as per service manual?

With the pre drive pcb i had to separate the photo as it was a bit large. Below is also the cap

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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@technicshififan that cap definitely needs to be replaced due to the corrosion. Try to see if you can get a Panasonic FC series or Elma Silmic 2 series as a replacement.

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Main caps can be replaced with 10,000uF 65v caps, this is a safer voltage margin. Mine sounds just good even though the capacitance is lower.


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