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Phone left in Snow for 48 + hours found by neighbor he turned it on

So on wed afternoon I dropped my phone getting out of a cab into a pile of snow it was in an otter box but there are gaps where water can get in. Fast forward to Sat morning a neighbor had found the phone when some snow melted he turned on the phone and it had 7% charge he called my dad and I eventually got it. The phone died the man had taken it out of the case and dried it off and tried to charge it but it wouldn't turn on.

I know you are not supposed to turn on or plug in a wet phone but it wasnt me.

I busted out the pentalobe screwdriver & opened up the phone there was some water in there i dried it off and started the process of taking it apart to do the iso alcohol thing. There are a few stripped screws that i cant get off (phone was purchased refurbished) & I cant get the logic board out. I dont care about this phone functioning long term I already have a new phone coming. I have an entire years worth of photos that are not backed up (spare me i know about Icloud I know i should have backed up but hindsight is 20/20).

So i just need this phone to turn on and work for an hour or two so that I can get the photos off it and back it up. I do not care if it never works ever again.

For now I have the phone open in a dry place. I figure ill just wait a week or so for it to dry and give it a go.

do you think its too late because it had been turned on and plugged in?

should I get it to the repair shop asap?

what do you think is happening to the device and how can I best respond to this?


Lost Mode on Icloud did not work the way it is supposed to which I found disturbing.

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If data on the phone really is important then I recommend taking the phone to a reputable mobile phone repair shop that does microsoldering for data recovery purposes.

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Im probably going to do this but if i try to turn on the phone again can it make it worse?


Yes it can make it worse, it's always best to leave phone off and if you can unplug the battery to reduce liquid damage on the phone.

Also never plug liquid damage phones (not repaired) as it speeds up corrosion on the logic board if liquid is still inside and can even render it permanently unfixable.


The phone has already been powered on and plugged in (not by me). I have contacted a data recovery repair service and it's going to cost 300$.

What I want to do is wait a week and put it back together & try to get it to sync. If no go then I'll send it to data recovery. They don't charge if it's not do able.

Since it's already been powered on while wet wouldn't whatever corrosion have already occurred?

If I attempt to power on the phone again when it's fully dry how could it get worse? That's what I'd like to understand.

I'm on the fence about spending 300 to get the data back. It's my engagement party photos, some songs I wrote on notepad and some videos. I'm kinda thinking of just gambling here and giving it a go. I just need to get it on for an hour to synch to my computer.

I'm not confident in my repair skills to take it apart further & attempt the clean myself.

Will update in case anyone is curious. Going to contact one more repair shop and see if they will clean before I attempt the synch.


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Water damage is really annoying.

what you need to do is disassemble your phone using this guide: iPhone 6 Rear Case Replacement

and then you need to clean the water damage using this page: Electronics Water Damage

and you MUST replace the battery as water +battery = bad things.

Substituição da Bateria do iPhone 6

Imagem de iPhone 6 Bateria


Substituição da Bateria do iPhone 6

Nível de dificuldade:


15 - 45 minutes

Imagem de iPhone 6 Rear Case


iPhone 6 Rear Case Replacement

Nível de dificuldade:

Muito difícil

2 hours

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there is a few stripped screws so i had to stop


I do know how but I'm not that confident that I will be able to do it without breaking something. Last time I opened a phone and removed a stripped screw I ended up slipping and breaking the piece I was trying to open. :/


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If you do go ahead and attempt to clean the phone yourself, be sure to remove ALL of the metal shields on the logic board. Many people overlook these when cleaning up liquid damage. There are three or four of them I think. They are soldered to the board, but they can be pried up with a small flathead or tweezers, so long as extreme caution is taken to not damage components underneath the shield.

And as previously posted, some companies offer iDevice data recoveries (Drivesavers comes to mind) where they actually extract the memory chip and access the raw data in another device. Fair warning, this can be quite costly.

Best of luck!

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You can't directly extract data from the memory IC's on an iPhone, the data is encrypted. The only way to recover data on an iPhone is to repair the phone "enough" to get it to boot and extract the data via iTunes.


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