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Replacing rubber display gasket

I just bought a used MacBook Air that happens to be missing the rubber around the display. I bought a replacement gasket, and was able to get it on the top and sides, but wasn't able to get it in the bottom all the way along the clutch cover. Is there a technique to getting this on correctly, or do I need to remove the display and clutch cover to do so? Thanks!

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1 Resposta

This rubber is not really necessary.

You can cover the area with carbon fiber of your choose OR

You can add thin layer of non corrosive silicon that is really chip and not glue , if you cant access to fix it, and let it try for 12 hours. The carbon fiber is the best.

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I already got the rubber, so I'd rather use it. Just looking for an easier solution than taking the computer apart. Thanks for the suggestions though!


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