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A new front wheel drive C-body platform was introduced in 1985. The Fleetwood shared the same 110.8 inches wheelbase as the other C-body cars, the de Ville, Buick Electra, and Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight.

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Car won't stay running

I have a 1987 Cadillac brougham rwd 5.0 and it is missing parts that seem to be usual with this car such as fuel filter,iac,and erg valve. My car was driving now I'm having trouble with it staying running it starts but will only stay on with my foot on the gas. I've checked for vacuum leaks and had not found any what else could be the problem? Please help. Thank you

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If no fuel filter, then most likely your carb is full of crap. All those little holes and by passes are full of gum and gunk and that would do what you're describing.

Get a carby kit or get a professional to rebuild and reset it for you. Then you can install yourself if you want. Either way, I'm betting you need a rebuild.

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