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wont turn on no power light

my pc is dead. the charger is ok but the power button wont turn on and no power lights at all. if any thing the power may have been reversed when entering pc jack, as the charger wires may have been crossed. what would that do? and which component would go first?

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Just wondering why the charger wires would have been reversed.

However most likely the first power regulator that the power supply encounters in the laptop, would no doubt have suffered damage along with its' surrounding complimentary components.

The best option at the moment in the absence of a schematic diagram is to open the laptop and visually inspect the motherboard for any obvious damage.

If you spot any damage take some close up pictures and post back here and perhaps someone may be able to help.

Here's how to do this.

Adding images to an existing question

Also here is a link to the ifixit Asus Eee PC 1005HA guides which may be of some help in gaining access to the motherboard.

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