Mirroring the Top Status bar to the Bottom after Display Replacement

I Replaced an Display from an Working Huawei P Smart (Enjoy 7s) for an Customer. (Was not in the Device Section from ifixit, so i chose p7). Now the Problem is that the top status Bar is Mirroring on the bottom with both the Displays, the new and the old one. Like 1cm is mirrored from the top to the bottom, but the Screen seems to work with the "normal" screen as the bottom keyboard recognised the buttons i pressed in the mirrored part which can`t be seen. Never had something like this in my four years as an Smartphone Technician with any other smartphone. Tried to do an factory reset after backing up all data, now we stuck in erecovery with "packing info failed" which seems to be an known issue. But the mirrored part is still visible in the recovery menu. Any suggestions?

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