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Is it safe to give corroded Xbox One board an alcohol bath?

Can I soak a Xbox One motherboard with corrosion in 90% rubbing alcohol? It has tough corrosion I can't get off with a wipe. Just wanted to make sure this was safe, thanks in advance!

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Hello Reed,

Yes it is totally safe to soak the board in alcohol so long as it is not energized. Be sure to air dry it or use a blow dryer on it to evaporate the alcohol before plugging it back in. Alcohol will not however do much to the corrosion itself but you probably should use a brush to loosen any corrosion while it is submerged. Do NOT use water at all, at anytime or the unit will not dry out very good and the corrosion will grow!

You could also use a pencil eraser to remove the corrosion.

Good luck, I hope this helps.

Rich Lilja

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I thought so! I appreciate the confirmation.


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Do you mean sticking the entire motherboard in isopropyl alcohol to soak? and for how long?

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