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iPhone 7 stuck on apple logo, computer can read files?

I work for a phone repair company, i have tried everything. New screens, unplugging the camera, updating, restoring, letting it sit for an hour or two. It will load through the apple logo sporadically, so i have a backup of the phone, but it always goes back to the apple logo. Wether it be on startup or just randomly while the device is on.

The weirdest part is that the computer is able to access files on the device, even though its stuck on the apple logo. I've tried restoring from back up twice. i'm not sure what else to do? I can't give up because the phone comes on every once in a while, there has to be something i can do to make it stay on. Please help! any ideas are welcome!

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It's a board issue. Either with the audio / baseband power chip needing replacement via micro-soldering. Usually there are a few weak pads that need jumper wires soldered for them due to weak connection.

More info here:


Seems like a lot of these iPhones that are readable via iTunes but stuck on apple logo all share the same symptoms.

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Have you tried using ReiBoot?

Also, a DFU mode -> iTunes restore as a new iPhone (not restoring from a backup) is a sure fire way to fix problems.

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iPhone stuck on DFU mode, the computer can not read the files. You can restore you device with data using 3uTools.

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