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What is Q2700Q2701 on iPhone 7

Hye, im wondering what do the Q2700/Q2701 do ?

If this two transistor is gone, is it can cause the IPhone 7 to boot up normally ??

If yes.. Can i just make jumper on this Q2700/Q2701 line ??

When I see the schematic on ZXW it showing like a bridge to transmit the data to the PMIC (correct me if im wrong). Cuz i have an IPhone 7 regarding for this issue

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These are part of the PP_ACC_VAR rail, which is the accessory power circuit. In other words, if you connect something to the lightning port that requires power, this is the circuit that will supply it. Q2700/2701 are MOSFETS connected in parallel to allow increased current to flow while using a smaller package size. U2701 is a comparator and it is being used to monitor the output of PP_ACC_VAR and switch the MOSFETS.

Why do you believe these transistors are faulty? Even if they were, I don't believe they would stop the phone from booting.

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The first time i do is changing tristar and its boot up normally but cannot charge. So i tought maybe im not solder the tristar properly, so i try to reball back the tristar and when I want to put the tristar back the MOSFET suddenly gone ! Because of my shaky hands hmmmp. And now the phone not boot up normally, thats why I thought maybe the transistor faulty but im not 100% pointed to the transistor.

In my country is very hard to find this transistor. So if I make a jumper on the Q2700/Q2701 is it make sense to let the current flow ??


In that case, you'll want to remove both transistors and short B1 to A2/B2.


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Hi i would ask if someone have any experience with IPHONE 7 that charges only when powered off.

Firstly this have U4001 completed dead and in short (found with freeze )

Now the phone charge perfectly but when APPle logo is shown phone stop charging.

We replaced U2101 and bypassed Q201 but always same thing.

Maybe someone has any experience

Thanks in advance

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