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The larger of Apple's MacBook Air laptops featuring dual microphones and 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity.

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possible to solder power button

Hi all,

I have a 13inch Mac book air which the screen is broken.

I wish to turn this Mac book air to a pc media.

I have 2 question to ask..

1) is it possible to solder a power button into the board?

2) is it possible to solder more USB port into the magsafe 2.

Thanks for the help

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You can solder a basic button & 2 wires to the power-on pads on the motherboard.

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Soldering a power button to the board is easy...

But why?? Is it not turning on if you hit the power button but starts if you hit the power pads? If so your trackpad / flex is probably messed up.

More USB ports? No practical and probably not possible.

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Without rewiring the PCH it's not possible to add USB ports.


Hi thanks for the reply.

I find that replacing the display is too expensive..

So I wish to convert the MacBook air into a tiny media box. And just permanently stick it next to my smart tv with perm power.. so have to diy power button. And adding more usb port to the Magsafe Board - 923-0125.


You can't add something mechanically if it still isn't electrically connected back to the USB hub which is part of the PCH chip.

Just plug in an external hub into your USB port you do have.


Thanks dan..

Any guide on which pin to solder for the power button?


Sorry guy, don't have any guide for you. This is beyond what we are able to offer. The best thing I can recommend is locating the schematics and layout drawings for your system to work off of.


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