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The Alcatel OneTouch Pop Icon is a smartphone with an Android operating system. The release date for the Pop Icon was October 2014.

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It keeps turning on and off on and off and won't do anything else

My phone continuously turns on, shows alcatel Android on the screen, than immediately turns off again, than repeats, it won't stop, I can't get it to turn off and stay off and I can't get it to go past that screen just on off on off on off and it wont do anything else and I can't remove the battery

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@sunijo84 this does sound like a battery issue. You did ask your question twice with different devices. What exact model is your Alcatel?


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This could possibly be a battery issue. I, however, would do a factory reset by following the steps below. Keep in mind, doing a factory reset will erase ALL of the data on your device.

1. Turn off the phone completely.

2. Press and hold both volume up + power buttons on the phone.

3. When the Android Recovery menu screen shows up, release all keys.

4. Navigate to and highlight "Wipe Data / Factory Reset" using the volume down key and press power to confirm.

5. Navigate to and highlight to "yes -- delete all data" and press power.

6. Remember, all data will be lost! Before doing a hard reset backup all important data. After hard reset is done select "reboot system now". Press power to reboot the phone.

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