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The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ is the larger variant of the Galaxy S6 Edge smart phone.

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Can a T-moboile s6 edge plus screen work on any of the s6 edge plus

Can a T-moboile s6 edge plus replacement screen work on any of the s6 edge plus

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If you are planning to reclaim the screen from a g928t and use it for a g928a/v/p/f/c than the answer would be no.

Just the screen - meaning the oled, digitizer and cover glass - is the same part on at versions of the S6 Edge+. But the only way to get this part is to buy an aftermarket replacement from a parts seller.

The screen that comes from Samsung has already been permanently glue to a metal frame. In this model, the charger port flexible printed circuit board had also been trapped between the glass screen and metal frame during assembly.

The incompatibility is the result of the metal frame not fitting every version of the S6 Edge + motherboard, as well as the components on the flex. The flex includes the charger port and the antenna leads. So for instance if I plugged a Verizon G928v motherboard into that TMobile G928t flex, I may get poor cellular signal of my phone my not charge.

While Samsung is known for making many different versions of their phones with incompatible screen assemblies, the occasional exception is A and T. Sometimes the AT&T version and the TMobile versions are compatible. Sometimes, the A and T flexes are so similar that they can be hand-modified.

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Mismatch of the charging daughter board can also result in the phone getting stuck in a bootloop.

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