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The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ is the larger variant of the Galaxy S6 Edge smart phone.

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Black screen on galaxy s6 edge plus after usb charge replacement

Phone was not charging through usb so i ordered a usb charging port from eBay. My husband opened it up and he was having done problems with the he thinks he might have tore something up....but not sure

He closes it back up.... and the usb charging works.... the phone was charging but then we realized the screen was black, nothing showing but i hear the voice assist. Is there a way to figure out and fix this black screen issue pls without having to buy a brand new expensive screen? Thank you . Maybe flex cable or something disconnected?

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I have the same problem. One of the pins in the USB port was bent, so I bought a replacement USB port. I followed the youtube instructions carefully, and replaced the old port with an original Samsung part.

After I powered the phone back on - black screen. Home and back buttons light up and LED light blinks to indicate message(s) have arrived. Phone also makes “chirp” sounds.

I opened the phone again and checked - everything seems to be correctly connected. To my unschooled eye, I cannot find any defect parts. Changed battery - no difference. Tried all the volume/home/power button combinations - no avail.

Any ideas??

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