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The Dell Inspiron 15-7559 is categorized as a gaming laptop, featuring a 15.6" screen, full keyboard with number pad, and 3 USB 3.0 ports.

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I want a gaming mouse for my laptop but I don't know which one to get.

I have wanted a new gaming mouse to replace my old one for a while now. But i can only look on the dell website because i have $80 extra credits on it and that's all im willing to spend. i want one with a high sensitivity too but i don't know which one to get. I have been thinking about the Razer DeathAdder Elite and the Razer Lancehead but i'm not sure if they would be able to run on my laptop. So can i please get some advice on if they would work?

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Hi Tony, Any mouse will work. It is really just a question of reading reviews and YOU decide. Every one has their own preferences. Any ways you would be better asking on a gaming web site. IFIXIT is about repairs.

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although i would try and persuade you not to get a track ball mouse as there not very good for gaming


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The razor deathadder is a really solid choice, but as mike said i would reccomend looking at reviews. I personally have a Mionix Castor, it's simple in terms of customisation, capable of a really wide range of sensitivities, really good sensor, but allot can be said for most mouse at this price point and since i got it Mionix has been doing some rebranding. I would personally start with youtubers such as hardwarecanuks, and sites such as pc world and go from there.

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