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Gaming laptop released in 2014 with an Nvidia 860M graphics card and a 15.6" display. Updated in 2015 with 960M graphics.

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Laptop Screen is Brocken and keyboard is damaged from water spill

Hello I have a Lenovo y50 and I have two issues at the moment one is my screen is Brocken with white lines on the side that move toward the middle and I think the best solution is to buy a new screen for my laptop. But I don't know how

Or where to buy it

My other issue is that a around 6 months ago I spilled water on my keyboard I was half asleep and I tried wipi g it off but fell a sleep before checking anyway now my laptop has some keys that won't work and there are keys that I think short circuit and keep being pressed without me pressing them, a work around isi bought an external a keyboard and after I press the delete button on my laptop then I can use my external keyboard just fine I don't know what to do to fix this problem

I appreciate any help and sorry for the long post also I don't live in the USA so I would like to buy and ship from eBay

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@bearthecat download the maintenance manual from here. Page 70 will show you how to replace the LCD. To repair your keyboard you will have to replace the complete upper case. To get proper part numbers for that we'll have to know the country where you are located. For the US keyboard the number is 5CB0F78877. For the LCD we need to know the screen size as wella s who made you original screen.

It could be a 14 inch or a 15.6 inch.

14 inch

Panel AUO B140HTN01.4 FHD AG S LED1 NB LCD Part number 18201579

Panel CMI N140HGE-EAA FHD AG S LED1 NB LCD Part number 18201580

15.1 inch

Panel AUO B156HTN03.6 FHD AG S LED1 NB LCD Part Number 18201583

Panel CMI N156HGE-EAB FHD AG S LED1 NB LCD Part Number 18201584

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How can I figure out which screen I should order? My laptop has the 15.6 inches screen but how can I further be sure which one to pick ? I live in Jordan if that would help with any information.

Sorry for the late reply i hope you can still answer this ?


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