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No Touch ID no front camera and ghost touch on iPhone 6+

I bought an iPhone 6+ with Touch ID , front camera and erratic screen /ghost touch problems.

I know this was a gamble , I was hoping that changing home button and front camera would solve the issue, or just re seating the 4 connectors . I tried resetting and updating the OS. Nothing worked.

I have the feeling all three issues are related to the same problem.

Could this be an IC, grounding or motherboard fault? I read that ghost Touch phenomenon is quite common on the iPhone 6 Plus

Im clueless , and would really appreciate some insight


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Hello everyone I think I know why the front camera is playing up. Seems it's a connector issue by the looks of it ?

Block Image

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Ghost Touching on the 6 Plus is probably Touch Disease (you can read up on it here). That requires a micro-soldering repair and is not DIY.

Unfortunately, all of the problems could very well be independent of each other, requiring multiple fixes. Touch ID only works with the original Home Button so replacing it will de-activate that capability. The Front Camera issu is most likely a bad camera but it could also be indicative of a logic board issue.

Have you tried replacing any components (it's not clear from your question)?

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Thanks for the quick reply .

Yes I've replaced the Touch ID button and the front camera . This didn't solve the problem.

I wasn't aware the Touch ID button has to be the original one. Why do we find aftermarket ones on eBay ?

I read about a grounding issue problem or is this a different case ?

Thanks for your help


Forgot to mention that the front camera works occasionally...


The only home button that ever has touch id is the one that originally came with the phone.

No other ones even original would have touch id as they are all paired to the logic board via apple.


I still have the home button so could this be a flex issue for the button ? Or something to do with the metal plate on the LCD ?


It's either the home button extension cable going bad or home button touch id going bad.


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