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I see a charging symbol, but the battery is not increasing more than 1

My iPhone 7 was working properly for 1/2 year but know, suddenly when I plug my phone to charge the percentage is stuck at 1% or in the best case 2% .

If I disconnect the phone from the charger it stay up for 40s and then shut down. There are times when the phone starts with 100% battery but when i remove the charger, the same problem, it s shuting down and show again 1%

The only thing I replaced was the front glass.I tried multiple cables and chargers without any results.I don`t know if it s the battery or the software, any help please? Thanks

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You may have partially dislodged or completely removed some tiny components right next to the battery connector on the logic board. One of them is responsible for allowing the battery to communicate the charge state to the CPU. So take out a magnifying glass or loupe and inspect that area.

If that is indeed the issue, it will require a micro-soldering repair.

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It s not from the glass changing because that was 2 month back


It could have been partially dislodged months ago and finally broke off recently following a minor drop or impact.

If you are going to ask for help on a forum, don't discard answers out of hand without at least bothering to look first. The worst that can happen is that my hypothesis is incorrect.

Otherwise, use a battery checking program like coconutBattery to test the condition of the battery.


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You replaced the front glass, did you disconnect the battery before the repair? Any damage to the battery socket, are your cables seated properly within the frame, a pinched or shorted cable has been know to happen when closing the phone.

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Try a new charger or get the charging panel replaced.

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