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Huawei's 2016 flagship smartphone. Features a unibody case and dual rear-camera setup developed in partnership with Leica. Comes in 32/64 GB storage options and six different finishes. Model numbers EVA-L29, EVA-L19, and EVA-L09.

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No voice call microphone function after screen replacement?


I replaced a screen to a P9 and everything else works fine but the main voice call microphone. Even the secondary mic on top of the phone is fine.

Anyone else have had this issue?

The phone chassis was badly damaged and had to change that also.

I have tried:

  • 2 different spare part mic/usb daughterboards
  • different flex-cable from motherboard to mic/usb board
  • factory reset

I could not test the mic functionality when the phone came in as the screen did not work.

There are ground pins on the mic/usb board that supposed to connect to the chassis goldplated parts. Maybe they are not getting connected and that would be the issue?

Any help would be much appreciated.


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Check the microphone port hole at the bottom of the housing, probably blocked by something you need to peel off or something?

On a S6 where I replaced the mid-frame housing I had to actually remove the whole microphone gasket from the housing.

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Thanks for the suggestion, but I have tried that too.

There is a rubber gasket on top of the microphone and I have tried to clean it.

I have also tried it without the rubber gasket and without the whole back chassis.

I don´t have the schematics and I can´t measure the microphone controlling IC lines. With the top microphone working I am thinking the IC is not the fault.

Do you know is the grounding pins for preventing just feedback loop or have some functionality to the microphone?


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