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A followup to the LG V10 smartphone, similar to the LG G5, released on September 29, 2016. The LG V20 can be distinguished by the model numbers F800, H910, H918, H990 DS Dual, H990N Dual, H990T, LS997, US996, and VS995. It is available in titan, pink, or silver with 32/64 GB of storage.

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Replacing connector for top antenna?

I damaged the connector for the top antenna on my LG V20 during screen replacement but I am unable to find a supplier for the part. I am not even sure what to call it and was hoping someone might know as I cannot connect to my wireless carrier since the phone repair. The part, a sticker which I believe connects the top antenna to the bumper, is circled in red in the image I linked.

Part circled in red

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Did you ever find one of these? I need the same thing.


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I did the same thing with the 2 pins near the headphone jack. (these connect to the “cellular upload” antenna at the bottom. I was able to figure this out because I wasn’t getting any upload when the pins were gone) I don’t think you can buy the pins separately anywhere on Ebay. I happened to have some conductive adhesive copper tape available and tried making a make-shift pin down there. Overall, it seems to be working for me now, but it’s probably a temporary solution at best. I noticed my download/upload rate drops down more than usual in areas where the cell phone network is weak. However, while driving my download/upload speeds seem to be just fine.

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That's what happened to me - one of the pins broke. The cell signal started to be unstable, especially where weak. Download worked somehow, upload did not at all.


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