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The ZTE Speed is a full keyboard touchscreen smartphone powered by Android.

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unlocking phone to switch providers

Need to unlock this ZTE phone so I can use this phone to switch providers and I bought it on let go. I have cricket but this is a boost phone.

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Sorry, you can't unlock a Boost Mobile phone.

The reason being is this phone is CDMA, not GSM.

The only other carrier you can 'maybe' use this phone on is Sprint because it is the same network.

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It depends on if it's an LTE+CDMA phone (transition) or a full GSM with CDMA backup. The hybrid transition phones tend to be locked for good (or the CDMA side is permanently locked since they make you fight for the MSL but unlock the GSM radio), but the GSM with CDMA backup phones from 2015 are unlockable.

GFL getting the code though. Sprint doesn't help you unless you're a customer and even then they drag their feet so you give up. They do the minimum to not get hit for going against the CTIA commitment.

This phone borders on being unlockable or one of the ones that can't be OR can only be partially unlocked since it's from 2014.

Sprint and Boost tend to not be compatible as the IMEI/ESN ranges vary and they base approval off of a approved range. Unless the IMEI range is the same it won't happen. Verizon isn't any better.


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