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A Kenmore residential washing machine made between 2001 and 2009. Identify the age of your Kenmore washer with its serial number.

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How do I change the temps of water? "Warm" is too cold, "hot"is to

How to change water temps on Kenmore 400 washer? Washer has 4 settings for temp: Tap cold; Cool; Warm and Hot. The first two are basically the same, straight from the tap. The "warm" setting is only slightly warmer--about +10°. The "hot" setting is right from the hot water heater--no mixing. Question:, How do I adjust the "warm" setting to be warmer (+20 to 30°) or the "hot" setting to mix with cooler water?

I hope this question is clear enough, as I have a Master's Degree in English/Writing from the University of Michigan. Do you?

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Your post is very clear. It's refreshing. lol

If your warm cycle seems cold, check to ensure that the "hot" valve is opened fully. If it is slightly closed, the amount of water coming from each valve would not be equal, making the mix of "hot" and "cold" in the "warm" cycle uneven. This could cause the mix to feel too cold.

Also, check that there is no restriction in the hose, valve, or inlet screen.

Good luck!

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