Where is the LED?

Hi! I just dropped my DS by accident from the decent height and now the LED is not working, so there is no light from the back and upper side of my DS (v2). What should I replace to solve it? I already opened it up and didn’t find any specific problem. Thanks.

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Hey Roman,

It honestly can be a number of issues, is the controller still working as of right now?


Yep, everything else is working like a charm. There is not even scratch on the controller.


Hmm interesting, okay there is a few things you can try first there should be a ribbon in the controller that connects to 2 motherboards in the controller. one is to where the LED is connected (Which is connected to a triangle like shaped motherboard which is under the glass where the led light is) and the main motherboard. That ribbon could possibly be damaged and that's why its still somewhat working as far as responding to everything else but the light. its very hard to see its technically not a light bulb but its connected to that triangle shaped motherboard that is under the protective glass but be very careful removing it. Let me know how it goes Ill see what else I can do from here!


I see the ribbon, it seems like there is no damage on it, but I can be wrong. I see this little micro usb motherboard or whatever it is connected with main MB through that ribbon, but I can’t see any LED itself.

I changed that whole part where the micro USB is placed (on that tiny circuit board). I bought one from aliexpress, but the light wasn’t fixed anyway.

When I get home I will dissasembly the controller again and add here some pictures. I thought that by the drop the LED component might crack in some way.


Let us know how it goes and we will help the best we can from here for sure!


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