iPhone screen not smooth after repair

A few days ago my phone had coffee spilled on it. Yeah bad. I took it to a repair shop and they cleaned it. They said the motherboard was fine, but that the battery, proximity sensor, ear speaker, and LCD needed to be replaced. Over $200 later, I got my phone back. Just last night.

I’m not technology savvy and I need to take it back because there are issues I see. I wanted to get advice from someone who is.

First thing I noticed is that now, the home button seems to be raised. When I run my finger over it, it feels rough around the edges of the button. It also wiggles a little bit now. I never noticed these before.

Second, the screen doesn’t seem to move as smoothly and is not as responsive as it used to be. Sometimes I have to press it two or three times to click on something. Not all the time though. Also, the 3D Touch doesn’t work right. Sometimes I have to press a lot harder, or sometimes it won’t work at all. I googled a way to test the screen and one person suggested using a doodle app and running your finger diagonally very slow and see if it’s really wavy and he showed examples with 3 different phones, one including an iPhone. In his test, the iPhone did the best. In my test, I got the wavy lines like one of the other models in his video.

Also, when I scroll slowly down or up a page, it’s choppy.

Another thing I noticed is that when I am on a phone call, the sensor that turns the screen off when you have your phone to your ear doesn’t work right. It will turn off and then back on and off and back on. That causes me to end up pressing the mute button with my cheek.

I’m pretty sure these are not apple standard parts, but shouldn’t I expect better quality?

Even now, while typing, it’s not as responsive as it once was. It selects different letters and I have to backspace a lot.

I have a feeling they are going to try and stiff me on this because of the water damage, but I just wanted an opinion from someone more knowledgeable about whether the quality should be better than what I got.

Please help! :). Thank you!

Edit: I wanted to add.. any technical terms or things that I could say to them that would help me convince them to get my phone back to a better state would be extremely helpful!! :)

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I am going to try to explain what I believe are the issues for each of your concerns.

1. The home button being raised is probably due to the fact of over tightened screws on the inside that holds the home button or the glass isn't as thick as the original screen.

2. The home button moving around a bit is caused by the fact that there is a gasket that is sealed (adhered) during the original manufacture of your phone and that seal is broken whenever the home button is removed during repair. It's hard to recreate this seal as the adhesive may not stick like it originally did.

3. The touch issues and 3d touch issues are due to the fact that the repair shop didn't use an original apple screen. Words like OEM and high quality get thrown around, but I can tell you from experience that the part they used is not an original apple screen (unless it just happens to be defective). The reason I am confident about this is because most of the big time US suppliers who sell after market and mid grade parts will tell you that 3d touch isn't as responsive. I've purchased screens from several manufacturers and know this to be true. All the original apple screens I have purchased do not have these issues.

1 and 2 arent that big of an issue, although they can be frustrating. 3 is an issue your repair shop should take care of. However, you're still going to have issues with the 3d touch unless you ask them to use an original apple part, but you'll more than likely be charged more as the parts on average cost 30 dollars more.

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Wow! Thank you. I was wondering about that myself. The screen just doesn’t work very well at all. I did go back in there and talk to them, they kept bringing up the water damage and saying that it’s probably the reason for the 3D Touch not responding right as well as the choppiness with the screen movement. They did say it was an “OEM” replacement screen and said that if it gets worse, to bring it back in and they’ll replace it. I wouldn’t mind paying a little more if I can get an original apple screen resulting in it working better.


Youre most welcome. I have just seen a lot of varying quality parts over the years. Original apple screens rarely have any issues.


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As Lead tech of a franchisee, our store would warranty all of the pieces we install. so as long as the piece installed is causing the issue, we would fix that at no charge to guarentee the repair.

however, Water can be a little Dicey. Water can damage circuts in ways that isnt black and white.

our store would re-replace all the parts we fixed, and if that fixes the issue, it would be under warranty. if it doesnt fix the issues, then it means the water damage blew out components on the board required to properly operate, and stablize the components. That would not be warranty.

i would take it in to see if they CAN fix it with replacing the parts. shops do not warranty water damage on its own, because water can cause issues at any point in time. even if you clean it out, if a filter is blown, a signal spike could fry out another component weeks or even months down the line.

i hope the problem is the modular components themselves, and not board level.

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Thank you for answering!

I didn’t want to go in there being unreasonable. I just didn’t know whether I should press the screen issues hard or not. I feel like the functionality of the screen should be a lot better than what it is, but like I said I have no experience with these things.

I was just afraid that they installed a cheap screen that isn’t responding very well to my touch. It just cost a lot and I don’t want to settle for something sub par if it could be much better than it is. I understand that water damage is tricky though.

I am going to head over there now and see what they say.


im glad to hear this. You would be surprised at the amount of discord that is caused by water damage. as a technician, i appreciate your level of understanding, and it is quite refreshing to see. i do hope it is repairable. they would likely need the phone for a few hours to see.


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IMO, Knockoff screens are just bad quality . go to apple for screens but with water damage it's never gonna be right. Apple will sell you replacement of same device for less than new one .

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