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Do I NEED a heat gun to replace screen?

Going to do a screen replacement on an iPhone 6.

I've been watching some videos and looking and guides about how to do it.

People have been saying to use a heat gun to remove adhesive on certain areas.

Do I need to use a tool to remove the adhesive? Could I not just run very carefully with a tool, such as a spudger?

If not, would a hair dryer work?

Can't get a heat gun within a couple of days.



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if your replacing the screen you dont need heat follow this guide and you should be fine.

Substituição do painel dianteiro do iPhone 6

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Says about an iOpener here, which I can’t get right now. But don’t particularly want to use a hair dryer.

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you only need a suction cup which i dont even use, i use an isesamo tool and go under the lcd down at the bottom an twist it


Okay thanks!


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