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An Amazon tablet released in 2014 featuring a 7 inch HD color touchscreen display.

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Fire HD 7 Sytem Update Freeze

My Kindle 7, 4th generation, has been attempting to do a system update since last Friday, January 12th, 2018. It freezes before it can finish and I have let the battery drain, charged it and tried several times as well as doing the troubleshooting through Amazon and with Tech help but nothing has changed. This device does not have a lot on it to have a full memory and it is still in great condition other than this issue. Is there anything else I can do?

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Has the tech suggested the following?

a) back up your data

b) Factory Reset

c) Download the update via computer and install via USB cable Manually

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None. I've attempted a Factory Reset, but it cannot connect with the device. I was hoping to find a way to stop the update.


I was unable to update via computer. When I plugged the Kindle into my computer it did not appear anywhere.


Have you tried a different cable?

The Kindle can charge in its current state?


Yes, I have tried a different cable and I am certain it is charging in the state it is in. I will have it completely off and a few seconds after I plug it into a charging cable, it turns on to so the system update screen and then freezes.


I have tried it all. Just spoke with tech at amazon. Nothing can be done. Which I'm so furious. This is basically out of the box new. There must be something. They gave the speak it out of warranty and offered a 15% discount on next purchase. Still made me so angry. Do not want to throw this out. Help. Thank you in advance. Tried it to my computer and did not register


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