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Why is my phone not making calls, and why can they not hear otherwise?

I recently replaced the battery and the charging port/AUX port/microphone and afterwards everything worked perfectly except now if I try to make a call it will not ring and will just give me the error that the call failed. I believe that I am receiving calls just fine, but if I get a call or if I somehow manage to make a call then the person on the other side cannot hear me very well at all. I seem to be cutting in and out or just not getting sound to them all together. Any ideas of what this could be, what to check or what I should do?

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This type of repair is not my forte, but is it possible a flex cable or something of that sort was torn in the repair? That seems like a logical source of annoyance after a repair. If you know that's not the issue, I would suggest (from a more solid background of experience than my above suggestion) that you try restarting it with the power/home button restart a few times - I know someone with an iPhone 6 that, for seemingly no good reason, has gone completely nuts on multiple fronts, including being wonky with the actual phone part.

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I did a factory reset and the problem seems to have gone away for now, if it comes back then I'll look at the internals again. Thank you!


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