Not battery charge (Battery, Jack and Tristar replaced)


My iPhone6 don't load energy so i replaced the battery, charge jack and finaly Tristar IC (two times).

I pluged the charge cable and with the multimeter measured the voltage which was between 0 and 1.5 Volts.

Someone can tell my what i did wrong or what could i do to get an higher voltage between 4.8 and 5 Volts?

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Is the phone recognized by iTunes? Where you measuring the voltage of 1.5V at the battery terminals?

Normally this kind of problem is Tristar related but it could also be Tigris, which is responsible for delivering the current to the battery. I would check that circuit in detail. I would also consider Tristar again. You may have a bad batch of chips or perhaps something has gone wrong with your rework (especially if you are just starting out).

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Hello @refectio ,

I´m measuring 1.5V on the charging battery terminals, and above the sim card slot.

I already replaced the Tigris, and PMIC, as Daniel talk on the post above. But stills the same voltage.

Do you have any clue, of what else could it be?

Best Regards.


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did you check pmic if its faulty you will have no power either

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Before replace TRISTAR you need to confirm that Q1701 feeds TRISTAR with 5v.

How to confirm?

Check C1704 for 5v.

If 5v not present remove Q1701 and jumper pins 2-3.

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I doesn’t checked C1704 before replace TRISTAR because i've searched some threads about this issue and the great majority of the community referred to this symptom as being a problem of TRISTAR.

Yesterday i have checked for the C1704 and I found out it doesn't have the 5v it was around the 2.5v, so I replaced “Q1701" and "jumper pins 2-3” as you advise but the problem remains.

Do you have another tip to solve this problem?


If correctly Q1701 jumped you must get 5v on C1704.

Please check and post after jumper, values of connector / C1704.


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