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Why does my remote not work on my sylvania srt2777x tried 2 + a new

what is wrong with this nice playing set sylvania srt2777x?

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Double check your model number or see if your set has a chassis number.


its called a rf remote---does not work with ir stuff like a universal remote


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kdreumel since you've already tried new remotes, the issue here can be the IR receiver board. Remove the back of your set and take some pictures of all of your boards and how they are laid out in the back of the set. Post those with your question so we can see what you see. Use this guide Adding images to an existing question for that. If this is a CRT TV you do not want to touch anything on the inside.

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I also tried new batteries and check to see if the infrared on the remote is working with my cell phone camera and it works I can see the light but it doesn't turn on the TV and it's the Sylvania remote control for a Sylvania TV.


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