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Change the display, not working now

I changed the display of my mac, it is working, but it has no light, i can see that it is working because if i put it near the light i can see the desktop, i tryed to put the old one and it has the same problem now.

Both are with no light.

Can anyone help me?


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The backlight circuit on your logic board has a problem. This could be just a blown fuse or the driver logic is blown.

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Maybe its a fuse, because if i connect to an external monitor thru the mini display port it works perfectly, just have to find the fuse to check it. Do you know where it is?


I had no doubt the video signal was good as the clue was you could see the faint desktop.

Sadly the backlight driver often blows on this series. So you likely need both the fuse & backlight driver. Both are on the back side of the logic board.

You need to be able to solder small SMC components. This is not easy! Best to let someone with the proper tools and access to the parts to handle this.


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