Galaxy S7 logic board versus battery problem

Sometimes my Galaxy S7 freezes with black screen and blue light. I used to reboot it via the volum down and power buttons. However, it sometimes dies with black screen, no lights, and does not respond to any combination of keys!

I thought of changing its logic board versus battery? Any suggestions?

Update (01/03/2018)

The problem happened the first time when I used a different charger (not Samsung), and the phone freezed immediatly. Since then, the phone did not accept any Android OS update!

I also noticed that it does not freeze when I do not use network data or WIFI connection!

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I've had this problem with the s6 and my fix was just to disconnect the battery . Its a pain to get into but it does work for me . i think in some cases the motherboard doesnt recognize the volume key . I say this because in recovery mode, after having the freeze event , I try to wipe the cache partition and the scrolling feature is glitchy. It becomes a game of try to hit the right command . Once the cache is cleared the glitch is gone and the phone works ok till it doesn't. Ive been told its a software issue but I have two other s6 i look after that have never had this problem . I may try changing the battery but as for changing the board ... buying new is very expensive and buying used is very risky. Hope this helps a bit

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I disconnected and reconnected the battery, but nothing has changed. No signs of working or charging. Should I suspect that the battery has died?


@alaba I have a battery on the way so Ill let you know what works for me when its done


You can boot up these phones with just the charger plugged in and battery unplugged. At least for the S6.


@benjamen50 Will the phone work when the charger is pugged in provided that the battery is unblugged?


I cannot confirm on the s7, I have only done this on the S6.


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I've actually had the same issue, black screen and blue LED.

I've also posted twice about this, and I did not get a response. So I came up with my own solution.

After some test I've come to a conclusion that is the logic board, since I'm not expert in that I cannot determine which part of the board is fried and causing this issue.

Test Ran

- New Battery/Shock Battery

Result: 1/3 units worked only for a few hours, then failed. The other 2/3 failed, nothing happened when replaced or shocked current battery.

-OS Flash (Super tricky to do, and very rare to get working)

Result: Unit turns on as normal, freezes, and goes back into black screen blue led state.

Further inspect shows no sign of corrosion on the board. I even went ahead and did a cleaning just to make sure. End result, something on the board is not working as it should which is causing the phone to not properly power up.

Those are my results. Hopefully I can get some skills in understand how boards work to wrap my head around this silly issue.

Good luck friend

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how u solve a probem s7 wen u look at the screen the words jumble n the screen glitch

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