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My laptop says charging but it isn't

Hi there

I got a T530 ( not 20). My laptop says it's charging but the percentage isn't raising. I already bought a new battery but the problem persist. The new battery discharged( only when the Ac adapter wasn't plugged in )

Ac adapter: 90 W and 20 V

I messured the Volts with a mulitmeter as described in the comments, the result was 33 V

Lenovo 0A36303 Thinkpad Battery 70++ (9Cells, 8400mAh)

Should i buy a new AC adapter? When yes a stronger or the same one ?

Or is there a way to fix my AC adapter?

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Is the charging light coming on in the laptop when the adapter is connected and switched on but the laptop is not turned on?

Measure the voltage output from the adapter using a DMM's (Digital Multimeter) Voltmeter function and verify that the output is 20V DC. (just place the Voltmeter's test leads on the end of the adapter plug that goes into the laptop - it is not connected to the laptop to test it - one lead inside the barrel of the plug and the other lead on the outside of the barrel of the plug and switch on the adapter at the wall outlet.)


Yes it's blinking Orange .

I messured 33V. Is this even possible ? Or did i do something wrong ?



The o/c (open circuit) voltage can be higher than the rated voltage but I think that it shouldn't be so much more. (o/c voltage is when it is not connected to anything)

Just verifying that you had the Voltmeter on the DC Volts scale and not the AC volts scale.

The information that i found for the adapter is that it should be 20V DC output.

Have you got access to another adapter to test that your DMM is OK? Doesn't really matter what adapter it is as long as you know what the output should be (printed on the adapter usually) and that the output is DC.


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Before doing anything at all, make sure all drivers and software is up to date. if any updates are pending, be sure to finish them.

measure the voltage across the jack on your AC adapter. make sure its coming out at the required voltage, (as marked on the item) it is usually between 18-21 V depending on the lap top. if it doesnt read the proper voltage, then yes, replace the charger.

otherwise, you could be looking at a port failure, where the port isnt pulling the right current. open the device, and plug the adapter into the port, and measure the voltage at the point where the port connects to the board. If youre still getting the proper voltage there, then you are looking into board level issues, or software failure.

From here, back up any important data, and reformat your device. reinstall windows, and run your updates to see if this fixes your issues.


(after this i would say replace the battery, but you already have, and you are getting the same problem. so assuming you didnt order it 2nd hand off ebay or something, you can skip this)''

From here, its time to look at board level failures. if the board is failing, you would start by scanning for hardware damage. (blown filters and diodes, and the like.) if you find one, replace it. if you cant, you can always check continuity for components with your multimeter on the diode setting.

after all of this is said and done, if you dont find something, then a logic board replacement is in order.

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