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O iPhone 5C da Apple foi lançado em 10 de Setembro de 2013. O reparo deste smartphone é similar aos modelos anteriores. Você precisará de chaves de Fenda/Philips/Torx 0.8 e espátulas de plástico. Disponível nas versões GSM ou CDMA / 8, 16, 32 GB / Branco, Rosa, Amarelo, Azul e Verde.

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Black Screen But Still Powering ON


I dropped my iPhone 5c like 3 years ago, I know it's a while ago, but I want to repair it ;)

That's how it stopped working : I dropped it at about half a meter from the floor on my carpet. Then green lines started going all crazy on my screen and the display became black (there is still light but it's black), but the phone was still playing the music I was listening to... Then I got mad and bought a new phone since it costed $129+ to replace the screen at Apple and my 2 years contract was about to end.

Idk the problem... Idk if maybe one cable of the screen unplugged or something like that.

Oh yeah, forgot to say, my screen seems a little bit out, I can actually push on it but it doesn't go back in the rear case...

What can I do? Your help will be appreciated :)

Thank You!

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LCD ribbon flex cable has ripped after being dropped and the screen pushing out at the top right.

In this case, the screen needs to be replaced.

Where to buy screen:

iPhone 5c LCD and Digitizer

Guide to replace screen:

iPhone 5c LCD and Digitizer Replacement

Imagem de iPhone 5c LCD and Digitizer


iPhone 5c LCD and Digitizer


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Thank You,

You helped me a lot ;) I will buy it in the next days and I will tell you if it worked!


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This sounds like your screen (LCD) cracked. It is very unlikely the cables unplugged because from the factory, the cables have a retaining bracket, which make it difficult to unplug. They would've ripped before they unplugged. I recommend to purchase the DIY kit Also, since the device has been sitting for three years, i'd recommend to get a new battery as well. iFixit has guides on how to replace everything. Good luck!

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Thank You for the information!


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